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Q1: What is Nutrilinks?

Nutrilinks is an nutritional coaching platform where member will have an assigned registered nutritionist to guide you throughout your plan to achieve your goal. In Nutrilinks, there is a build in calorie calculator and barcode scanner where you can log in your daily food diary and also activity level to keep track.

Q2: Will I get any assistance from registered nutritionist while using the app?

Yes. Every member will have an assigned nutritionist that follows on his/her progress in their goals. There will be an in-app chatroom in Nutrilinks for nutritionist and member to get in touch.

Q3: What do I get from the app?

This app contains a few functions such as calorie calculator, barcode scanner and also food diary. Besides you can also log in your daily activity level and these will be kept track by your assigned registered nutritionist where you can reach through in-app chatroom. There are also discounts and promotion for collaborate companies which include restaurants, gym wear, organic groceries, etc.

Q4: Where is this app available on?

This app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Q5: Are there other consultation besides weight loss?

There are also dietitian working closely with the nutritionists in Nutrilinks. Through Nutrilinks, we could also work closely with you if you are diabetic, cancer patient or other medical complications to improve your diet for better health.


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