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Who Are We?

Nutrilinks was founded to help real people achieve real weight loss, without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.

By delivering an easy, convenient, personalised plan, Nutrilinks empowers people to discover and embrace life-changing habits that help them achieve healthier lives and reach their weight-loss goals, regardless of age or lifestyle.

In Nutrilinks, we create a bridge between you and health and with our professional certified Nutritionist, we guide you through the path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss Made Easy


Set Your Goal

We will ask a few questions to help get you started with your own personal Daily Calorie Budget. Choose your desired weekly weight loss rate, target rate and source of calories like fats, carbs and protein.


Track Your Food

Use the APP to track your food, physical activities and nutrients. Use the barcode scanner. Log ahead of time for better planning and scheduling.


Stay On Track

Monitor your daily progress, check your weight loss forecast and receive ongoing advice and feedback from your assigned Certified Nutritionist. Learn more about diet and make better choices.


Reach Your Goal!

Keep up with the plan to steadily lose weight and reach your goals. Learn nutrition and dieting and keep using Nutrilinks to maintain a healthy living once you get there and keep in touch with your Nutritionist.

Simple Planning

Meal Plan - Nutrilinks

Supports any diet plans, calories or macros, plan meals and recipes.

Easiest Food Tracking

Food Tracking - Nutrilinks

Huge database, barcode scanner, quickest food lookup.

Advice and Feedback

Nutritionist Advice - Nutrilinks

Encouraging and supportive feedback, guiding you to your goal.

Promotions & Discounts

Promotion & Discount - Nutrilinks

Get promotions and discounts for certain brands including organic foods, health foods, restaurants sports wear, gym and yoga classes and etc.

Testimonials / Acknowledgement