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Satisfying Your Guiltless Cravings while Losing Weight

Joyce Wong January 25, 2020 0 comments

"Eating Better Not Lesser"

Over the years, I’ve been looking and researching on the ways to lose weight while still being able to eat whole-heartedly. There are various ways online and myths suggesting that we should either starve with minimal consumption of foods or extreme diets while limiting certain nutrients or foods.

In fact, throughout my coaching career, I’ve heard of various failed attempt of weight loss program or diet plans due to the extreme requirements causing you to be lacking of iron willpower, and the hunger and cravings forcing you to give up on all those plans easily.

Let me assure you that losing weight does not need you to limit yourself from eating, but it’s the sense of satisfactory you get after eating.

Most of you that are working hard to lose weight might be busy calculating your daily calories needs and daily calories consumption and trying to fit in between those values, however, it is not necessary to count on calories as long as you’re eating the right portion and know that your meal consists of wholesome and/or raw foods which all your nutrients needs are included —– carbohydrates, protein, fats, dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and water.

Rawsome Uptown

And here, I came across a really great place to kick start some healthy meal either you’re looking for some inspiration for healthy meal prep or if you’re too busy and would like to have something healthy to fit in to your weight loss plan – Rawsome Uptown. I managed to keep on my diet plan by getting one of their main meal which is about 400 calories and heard from them that they also do serve cauliflower rice and quinoa with brown rice (check out on my blog for more nutritional updates on these soon) which I’ll definitely drop by to have a try soon!

They do hove some selections that I would recommend as your meal replacement for breakfast especially if you are on a weight loss plan. Rawsome prepares a range of chia Chia seed puddings that layered with pure fruit puree, low fat yogurt and digestives with chia seeds.

Check out on Rawsome Uptown 3 at the below details and I assure you that eating healthy is as yummy as it is and you will not have to worry that you’ll starve for losing weight anymore!

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